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* Authors of the book "Unbewaltigte Vergangenheit. Handbuch zur Auseinandersetzung mit der westdeutschen burgerlichen Geschichtsschreibung". Hrsg.: G. Lozek, H. Meier, W. Schmidt, W. Berthold. Berlin. "Akademie-Verlag". 1970. 353 P.) set themselves the task of outlining the historical and political concepts and theoretical foundations of bourgeois historiography in West Germany. The work consists of 5 chapters. Chapter 1 is devoted to the general foundations, main lines and trends in the development of modern West German historiography, as well as its organizational centers and their contacts with societies of a different profile. Chapters 2 and 3 expose the falsification of historical facts by its adherents, especially the history of the German workers ' movement. Chapter 4 examines the progressive tendencies of the left wing of West German historiography. Chapter 5 is devoted to the system as a whole, the institutions and publications of West German historiography, as well as to polemics within aspects of the ideology of West German imperialism that go beyond concrete historical science.

* Włodzimierz Kowalski's work on the struggle that was waged during the Second World War on the "Polish question" is published for the third time (W. T. Kowalski. Walka dyplomatyczna o miejsce Polski w Europie. 1939 - 1945. Warszawa. "Ksiazka i wiedza. 1970. 750 str.). In this fundamental work, the question of the borders of People's Poland is studied in detail.

* The second edition of memoirs of Polish immigrants to the returned western and northern lands ("Pamietniki osadnikow Ziem Odzyskanych". Poznan. "WP". 1970. 662 str.). The memoir focuses on the life of the first settlers and the restoration of normal life on these lands.

* A new book on the history of the last years of the existence of bourgeois pre-war Poland was written by Hanna and Tadeusz Jedruszczak (H. Jedruszczak, T. Jedruszczak. Ostatnie lata drugiej Rzeczypospolitej (1935 - 193У). Warszawa. "Ksiazka i wiedza". 1970. 426 str.). They describe in detail the internal situation and foreign policy of Poland, the then Polish society, the structure and economic situation of the population, and the general state of the country's economy. Of particular interest is the part of the monograph covering the period between the Munich Agreement and the outbreak of World War II.

* A well-known Polish expert in the field of historiography, Marian Serejski, published a work on the history of studying the problem of the decline and division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (M. Serejski. Europa i rozbiory Polski. Warszawa. PWN. 1970. 518 str.). He analyzes the works of Russian, German, Austrian, French and English authors on this subject, published before the beginning of the XX century.

* Well-known researcher of the history of Poland in the XVI-XVII centuries. Yarema Maciszewski in his new work gave an essay on the history of the Polish gentry and its state (J. Maciszewski. Szlachta polska i jej panstwo. Warszawa. "Omega". 1969. 236 str). The author pays special attention to the study of the alignment of political forces, the struggle of the gentry with the magnates, and the characteristics of the political system of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

* The rivalry of Portugal, Spain and England in the struggle for overseas colonies, the colonial policy of the Tudors and the first Stuarts-this is the subject of Stanislav Grzybowski's monograph. Polityka kolonialna Tudorow i pierwszych Stuartow. Wroclaw. "Ossolineum". 1970. 345 str.). The author highlights the success of British colonial expansion in the XVI - first half of the XVII century in connection with the changes that were taking place in England itself at that time.

* In 1970, Polish publishing houses published many interesting books, including: "Conciliar Code of 1649" by Danuta Czerska, who devoted her work to the history of the formation of Russian absolutism and considers one of the most important stages of this process - the adoption of the code of laws approved in 1648-1649 at the Zemsky Sobor (D. Czerska. Sobornoje ulozenije 1649 roku. Wroclaw. "Ossolineum". 1970. 134 str.). The memoirs of a prominent Polish historian, professor of the Poznań University Józef - Kostrzewski (1895-1969), "From my Life" are of interest, because they contain information not only about the work, but also about the environment in which the author moved (J. Kostrzewski. Z mego zycia. Wroclaw. "Ossolineum". 1970. 356 str.). Julius Demel's book "The History of Romania" describes the social, political and cultural history of the country up to 1947. Further, in the form of a kind of calendar. Demel lists the most important events that took place in Romania after 1947 (J. Demel. Historia Rumunii. Wroclaw, "Ossolineum". 1970. 486 str.). Mieczyslaw Tanta's work " Pan-Slavism, Tsarism, Poles. The Slavonic Congress of 1867 " contains an analysis of the political background that led to the convocation of this congress in Moscow. The author provides information about the organizers and participants of the congress, sets out its program, as well as the position of official circles in Russia, and gives an assessment of the significance of the congress for the history of Slavic peoples (M. Tanty. Panslawizm, carat, polacy. Zjazd Slowianski 1867 roku. Warszawa. "PWN". 1970. 264 str.). The same publishing house published a book by Jozef Myasz entitled "The History of the Polish School in the United States". The author describes the development of Polish school affairs in the United States over the past 100 years, emphasizing the important role of school institutions in the daily life of Polish emigrants, and describes the educational activities of Polish national and youth organizations (J. Miaso. Dzieje oswiaty polonijnej w

page 200

Stanach Zjednoczonych. Warszawa. "PWN". 1970. 303 str.). The work "The Hans Frank Trial and Polish Evidence of SS Crimes" was written by Stanislaw Piotrowski, Poland's representative at the Nuremberg trials of major German war criminals. He cites the materials of the trial (investigation of the case, the course of the trial, sentencing) against Frank, former Minister of the Third Reich, Governor General of Nazi-occupied Poland, as well as Polish evidence of criminal acts of the SS (S. Piotrowski. Proces Hansa Franka i dowody polskie przeciwko SS. Warszawa. "Wydawnictwo Prawnicze". 1970. 350 str.). The historian Anton Knychala published the book "Germany and Black Africa", which analyzes the political penetration and economic expansion of Germany in Africa in 1949-1966, as well as the trends of the West German "aid policy" in 1967-1968 in the light of the former German "colonial traditions" in Africa (A. Knychala. NRF a Czarna Afryka. Katowice "Slgsk". 1970. 223 str. ). K. Kaczmarek's work" Poles in the Battle of Bautzen " describes the participation of the 2nd Army of the Polish Army in the Berlin operation in the territory between Nisa Lusatian and Dresden. A large place is given in the book to the battle of Bautzen. The book is provided with photographic materials. (K. Kaczmarek. Polacy w bitwie pod Budziszynem. Warszawa. "Interpress". 1970. 127 str.).

* In the well-known series of books "Questions of History", published by the French publishing house "Flammarion" under the general editorship of Marc Ferro, Andre Nouschi's book "The Struggle for Oil in the Middle East" (A. Nouschi. Luttes petrolieres au Proche-Orient. Paris. 1970. 142 p.). Its first part is a compact list of facts from the end of the last century to the middle of the current century. The results of more than half a century of struggle for oil are summed up in the epilogue of the first part. The second part is devoted to the sources and historiography of the issue. The author cites in the original the agreements on the exploitation of oil fields and on the division of" spheres of influence": the Arsi concession of 1901; the Turkish-German treaties of 1912, the Anglo - Iranian treaties of 1914, the Sevres Treaties of 1920, the Lausanne Protocol of 1923, and the Anglo-Iraqi-Turkish treaties of 1926. In the historiographical section, the author highly appreciates the work of the Soviet historian A. A. Fursenko on oil trusts and world politics (Moscow-Leningrad, 1965).

* The Church in the East series is published in Germany. In recent years, it has published the following books: Peter Hauptmann " Old Russian Faith "(1963), Wilhelm Kapp "Magic under the Mask" (1965), K. E. Jordt-Jergensen " Stanislav Lubenetsky "(1968), Herbert Piatzelt "Piety in Silesia, 1709-1730" (1969), Peter Hauptmann " Catechisms of the Russian Orthodox Church "(1969). Volume 7 of this series includes the work of Gerhard Simon "K. P. Pobedonostsev and the Church Policy of the Holy Synod in 1880-1905" (G. Simon. Konstantin Petrovic Pobedonoscev und die Kirchenpolitik des Heiligen Sinod 1880-1905. Gottingen. "Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht". 1969. 280 P.). Its chapter 1 covers the life and personality of Pobedonostsev, 2-the structure of the Russian Church, 3-spiritual educational institutions in Russia, 4-relations of other churches (Old Believers, Evangelicals,etc.). Dukhobors, Catholics, Lutherans, Muslims) and the state, 5-results of the church policy of Pobedonostsev to the beginning of the first Russian Revolution.

* Philip Williams was for a number of years the author of essays on everyday political life in modern France. Now they have reworked a separate book, "Wars, Conspiracies, and Scandals in Postwar France" (Ph. M. Williams. Wars, Plots and Scandals in Post-War France. Cambridge. CUP. 1970. 232 p.).

* The Federalists and the emergence of political parties in Massachusetts in 1789-1815 is the subject of a book by James Banner. To the Hartford Convention. New Jork. "A. A. Knopf". 1970. 390 p.). The author examines the ideological roots of Massachusetts federalism, its attitude to the state, its leaders, social roots, the origin of individual parties, democratic and Republican trends, and concludes the work with a description of the Hartford Convention of 1815. The appendices contain letters from political figures of that time, voting results, and essays from the sources used.

* "My brother Lyndon" - so called his book about President Johnson Sam Houston Johnson (S. H. Johnson. My Brother Lyndon. New Jork. "Cowles Book Company". 1970. 278 p.). It is a detailed biography written in an apologetic tone. The illustrations included in the book are also appropriately selected.

* Published in the Netherlands "Investigations on Herodotus" (S. Benardete. Nerodotean Inquiries. The Hague. "M. Nijhoff". 1969. 217 p.) are written by New York University professor Zet Reddit and consist of seven essays: about Herodotus himself, Egypt, Persia, Scythia and Libya, Athens, Sparta and Greco-Persian relations of that era. Special literature is poorly used by the author. It relies mainly on primary sources.


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