N. A. Tsvetkova Candidate of Historical Sciences Saint Petersburg State University Afghanistan Keywords:, information warfare, public diplomacy, USA, Pakistan In Pakistan, the propaganda of the "Taliban" and "Al-Qaeda" is opposed by the radio stations "Your World" (Radio Aap Ki Dunyaa), "Light" and "Svetoch" , as well as television programs of the radio station "Your World", which appear on one of the central television channels of Pakistan for 30 minutes. on weekends. These programs cover more than 11 million out of 175 million people. Pakistanis 1. However, these channels broadcast for several hours, and, according to US experts, this is too little to cope with the mobile radio points of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in problem areas. Such radio stations are located in motor vehicles and conduct their news programs without interruption and without any interference from the Government of Pakistan.2 PAKISTAN: EMPHASIS ON THE" MODERNIZATION " OF MADRASAS An important channel for spreading positive information about America in Pakistan is the US Embassy. It distributes daily Urdu press releases that respond to the propaganda of terrorist organizations in Pakistan. There is also a monthly magazine called "News and Views", which tells about America 3. The main areas of propaganda on its pages: repeating the thesis that the United States and Pakistan are strategic partners in the fight against terrorism; positive reviews of Pakistanis who have visited the United States about America's political institutions and political culture; explaining how democracy functions in the United States and some of its features, for example, midterm congressional elections, and It also shows examples of the mutual influence of Pakistani and American cultures, for example, in rock music. Many pages are devoted to describing such specific US projects in Pakistan as opening new press centers, training journalists and young people, and providing grants to various institutes to teach studen ... Читать далее

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