The book Africa's Growing Role in World Politics (Moscow, 2014, 296 p., in English) contains a selection of papers dedicated to discussing the nature of the contemporary international relations and foreign policies of African countries. The collective work aims to analyze various aspects of the present-day political and economic situation on the African continent and seeks to contribute to the study of Africa's increasing global importance. Most of the papers were initially presented at the 13th International Conference of Africanists "Society and Politics in Africa: Traditional, Transitional, and New", which took place on May 27 - 30, 2014 at the Institute for African Studies, Moscow. The volume is conveniently divided into six sections. The first section covers global, regional and local problems pertaining to African countries, in particular their relations with the world and with each other, as well as domestic issues. Special attention in the section is paid to Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan. The second section treats of new trends in the cooperation between OECD countries and Africa. This section, which is by far the largest in the book, encompasses a wide variety of issues, including foreign policy, migration and African diasporas, economic relations and development aid. The third section is devoted to analyzing the role of the BRICS Group on the African continent. The issues discussed in the section include, inter alia, the influence of BRICS on the processes of regionalization and globalization in Africa and the role of Asian transnational corporations on the continent. The fourth section focuses entirely on the partnership of China and Africa. The included papers offer an in-depth analysis of the partnership in general as well as country-specific studies. The next, fifth, section deals with Russia-Africa relations. The section considers the current state and prospects of Russia-Africa cooperation. The last section of the book is concerned with the contribu ... Читать далее

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